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29 September 2010


Whenever I go anywhere with my boyfriend I'm always looking at how we can take adorable pictures. I cannot have enough cute pictures! Here are some cute inspirational "couple pictures" from we heart it.

Princess Dresses

I love princess dresses. I always wish I had a reason to wear one :)

                                                                          images via we heart it

16 September 2010

10 September 2010

Sketchbooks and Pockets

So I finally signed up to participate in The Sketchbook Project. I chose the theme: Capture the Flag. Not too how exactly I am going to incorporate the theme yet, but I am excited to participate.

While I was on the Art House Co-op web site I also came across another project which I thought was pretty interesting. The Pockets Project. Basically you empty your pockets and send in the extra random stuff you don't need. All of the entries will be used to make a "giant art installation." Check it out.

09 September 2010

Sarasota 2010

Pictures from our yearly trip to Sarasota, Florida. In the second one down you can kind of see the manatee...we swam with about 7 of them one day, it was AMAZING.