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28 November 2010

I want to dress only in J. Crew

J. Crew always has the most amazing clothes, so simple and elegant. Here are a few looks I am obsessed with right now, and with the holiday season started and holiday parties starting soon I am going to try to remake as many of these looks as I can!

I reallllllly want these pj's! 

Simple black dress accented with a cute belt and ADORABLE beige heels.

Gray on gray is so chic right now, and I love the fit of this suit, so casual.

Love the mustard colored skirt and obviously the infinity scarf.

Perfect holiday outfit.

Simple, school teacher-y, but great.

A sequined cardigan over a nice light top with dark jeans is a great winter/holiday look.

And these are some individual pieces I would LOVE to add to my closet right now:

Gray infinity scarf goes with everything.

Classy little pink bag is perfect for holiday parties.

This studded brown belt would be perfect over a light cardigan.

I am obsessed with these shoes, they have them in a few colors.

Simple cardigan, I love the color, I am also looking for  burgundy/maroon cardigan.

Photos: J. Crew

New Sewing Machine

So I got a new sewing machine for my birthday at the end of October, well my first sewing machine. I have been using my moms if I ever do use one. It's a Singer and is cute and little with over 60 different stitch settings.

I've been looking forward to using it, but just haven't had the chance to set it up until this weekend. It's a very nice machine, and I am glad I actually have it set up because now I can just quickly sit down and make something!

Tonight I made three bags. Here they are:

The first one is a simple blue bag with a long strap. The polka dot material is vintage as well as the blue and white quilt piece that became a pocket on the front of the bag. The blue button is vintage as well.

The second one is a cute, new floral material with a vintage pink strap and vintage off white and pink buttons.

The third bag is all new material, a white, pink and green stripped fabric, and a green with pink polka dot fabric. The bag is reversible, and the stripped side has a small pocket on it. 

I got a lot done this weekend. In addition to these three bags, I started a pillow, completed about 8 different rings, about 5 hair clips and re-upholstered a the seats to a cool vintage stool and a great old vintage chair. The chair was re-upholstered with the green and pink polka dot fabric and I absolutely love it. I will have to upload pictures of it later!

24 November 2010

Breakfast At Tiffany's

My all time favorite movie inspired me to create this "Holly Golightly" shadow box. Audrey's style in this movie is impeccable and i absolutely adore all of the clothes in this movie. 

04 November 2010

Harry Potter

Update: I finished all seven books. It was great to re-read all of them in a row, it is so much easier to put things together and you understand more of what is going on.

We obviously went to the midnight showing and it was AMAZING. By far my favorite one of the movies since Prisoner of Azkaban. Since I did just read the seventh book I was a little critical of certain parts of the movie, but I understand that the director has to change a few things here and there to make the over movie a great experience. Now I just have to wait until July for the final chapter of the series!

So I am a bit Harry Potter obsessed. I am currently re-reading all seven books in a row in anticipation of the seventh movie coming out November 19th. (ahhh so soon!) I just started re-reading book six, The Half Blood Prince. I love reading these books over and over because there is always something that you pick up on, that you may not have noticed the first time around.

I. am. so. excited. to. see. this. movie.

I am going with a big group of friends to see this and for the last movie, one of us dressed up.

And then decide to duel.

I wonder who Sarah will dress up as for this movie?

p.s. we are nerds.