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30 March 2011

Jewelry Displays

How do you display your jewelry?

For shows and shops a favorite method of displaying my handmade jewelry is with old drawers. Have any hanging around that you don't know what to do with? This is one easy and fun way to display jewelry, and even other items while using your old drawer! The first picture above has a cool worn look so I just added nails to the top of the drawer where I hang necklaces and bracelets from. The lower picture above I lined with thick, recycled wrapping paper, you can pick any pattern and it gives the display an extra cute factor. 

At home I hang my necklaces up on the cool/random wooden pig above and a painted cork board (that one is a little messy right now, whoopsie.) For my large collection of earrings/rings I just got a jewelry tree for Christmas this past year, and it is perfect, it holds all of my dangly earrings and rings on its branches, and then in the base holds my studded earrings and hair clips. Behind the jewelry tree you can see some bangles I have sitting on an old champagne bottle, I have a few of those on my dresser, they are memories and I have found a great use for them by putting my bracelets on them. 

Please pardon the quality/not amazing camera angles of the three pictures above, taken with my iPhone quickly.

Cinema Nutrition

Cinema Nutrition is a fun tumblr that breaks down your favorite movies with their nutritional value/their reviews. A fun way to procrastinate, check out their web site to see where your favorite movies rank.

29 March 2011


Spring time is here which means flowers, lots of flowers. If you can't tell by the pictures above my favorite are peonies. We have two bushes full of them in the backyard, I can't wait for them to start blooming!

images via: we heart it


Maps are cool on their own, but are just that much cooler when you add something to them, as seen above in all of these photos. My favorite is the US States wall hanging. That may be a rainy day project...

images via: we heart it


I think mustaches are hilarious. I'm a big fan of the tattoos (or temporary tattoos) that some people have on their fingers...see the cat picture above. I actually bought some for some friends for Christmas, they have them at UO and Fred Flare.

images via: we heart it