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04 December 2010


Our Etsy shop has been updated! Please visit to check out these great handmade, one of a kind items and many more!

All of these feather items, hair clips, combs and ring are only $6.00 in the shop right now! 

These cool costume-y rings were just added as well!

What do you think? Are you into feathers?

Please visit our shop here!

01 December 2010

Classic Books Revamped

I have been on a  reading kick lately. I am trying to put a little bit of time away everyday...well usually night to read. Browsing online I was reminded of these classics, with new and improved covers. swoon.

Pride and Prejudice

Wuthering Heights

Alices Adventures in Wonderland

I remember a while back seeing them while browsing in Barnes and Noble and falling in LOVE. They are gorgeous, who wouldn't want to read/decorate with them! More books and pictures available here.