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23 August 2012

Little Talks

Currently obsessed with this song...

This is adorable

I was catching up on some blog reading over at the Rockstar Diaries and clicked on her link to this. Two little girls explaining the "worst haircut ever". So cute, worth 3 minutes of your time! 

18 August 2012

2012 Citi Open

Backtracking a little here. The 2012 Citi Open (formerly Legg Mason Tennis Classic) is an annual tournament here in DC held the last week in july/first week in August. And I have gone to it as long as I can remember. I am still getting used to calling it the Citi Open though, definitely partial to LM! It isn't summer unless you go to at least one day of matches. 

This year, as it has the past five years, vacation with Mark's family is during tournament week. But yet again, we lucked out with tickets to the finals! We ate a delicious (but clearly overpriced) lunch in the Courtside Cafe, walked around, got some sweet freebies, and then watched the final match, Dolgopolov v. Haas. But in typical LM fashion, it rained. Oh, why does it always rain?? At least it wasn't scorching hot like it usually is, but let me tell you, Haas is not too bad to look at.

Love this gentleman's threads

Rain delay

Listening to the doubles match on his nifty new headset

Model material

Hi from the Courtside Cafe

With Mark

I don't think Tommy Haas was wearing underwear...

This man loves parks

Me and Scott during the rain delay.

17 August 2012


We went to Sarasota, Florida for the 5th year in a row with Mark's family for vacation. And it was awesome. I love spending time with Mark and his family, and then you have the beach AND the Olympics this year! Here are some pictures from our trip...

Brother is a Smarty Pants.

This past Saturday I took my little brother to tour Georgetown University. Being number one in his class with a ridiculous GPA well over a 4.0 and taking all AP classes along with indoor track and the Tennis Teams MVP (3 years in a row) and County Champ (2 years in a row)this boy has toured almost all of the Ivy's (#humblebrag). His top two picks at the moment are Yale and Columbia. Obviously I am super proud and super jealous of his smarty pants-ness.

After taking 4 forms of transportation to get there we arrived at Georgetown. I love the town of Georgetown, great shopping and places to eat, right on the water and close to DC. And then you get to campus and it is beautiful. The architecture is old and just amazing.

We started out at an information session then a student run tour. We learned lots of fun facts about the University. For example, did you know the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast was based on the one in Healy Hall? And apparently the Harry Potter producers wanted to base Hogwarts on the architecture at the school, but they said no because they don't believe in witchcraft (how do you say no to Harry Potter? I just don't get it!)

All in all it was a fun day. We met up with my future sister in law for a delicious lunch at Serendipity 3 and then did some shopping at Urban Outfitters before we headed back. Serge ended up liking Georgetown a lot, it is now at about #4 on his college list. I'm excited to see where he gets in and where he decides to go. Next up, just finishing Senior year!

White Gravenor Building

It's tall

It does remind me a little of Hogwarts...

Healy Hall Entrance

Walking back downtown and saw this mural on the side of a house. LOVE.

Instagram worthy street art

Burger and fries (duh) from Serendipity 3


Nice Serge

16 August 2012

Apparently I Can't Stop Buying Shoes...

So I have been on a show buying spree recently. I mean a girl can't have too many pairs of shoes right?? So we have a variety here, first up these gorgeous calf hair printed loafers from Gap. I saw them in a post on Matchbook's Daily Spark and I fell in love. Bought them right then and there. I think they are going to be PERFECT for fall. They are going to be amazing when I need to dress up an outfit or add a fun print.

So my running shoes are pretty beat. I have had them for about a year and I am wayyy overdue on getting a new pair. So I lucked out and got these bad boys for only $60 at Sports Authority over the weekend. Can't wait to break them in!

So I went shopping with my mom about a month ago and I wasn't going to buy anything for myself, but then I saw these wedge booties for $7 each! They reminded me so much of the Shoemint Jolly's that I had wanted for forever, but let's be serious, I am not spending $80 on them. And I found them at the most random store...Lane Bryant...seriously. Welp, they will be in rotation in fall and winter when I don't want to wear tall boots.

And then there is Target and Nordstrom. Probably my two favorite stores. From Nordstrom I picked up a pair of plain black Tom's, because I am obsessed, and a pair of Rainbows, because apparently I am crazy for not owning these before now. From Target I satisfied my recent need for all things leopard print with these sandals that I have gotten a lot of use out lately. 

I think I need to take a little break from buying shoes, right??