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21 March 2012

Matryoshka Collection

What do you collect? Is there a certain item or print that once you see it, you have to have it? Having a Russian background, I have always been attracted to matryoshka's. Recently I have noticed that they are everywhere. I wanted to share a few matryoshka themed things I own.

1. Laptop Bag - Etsy
2. Note cards - gift
3. Headphones - Urban Outfitters
4. Purse - gift
5. Key caps - Patina Stores
6. Key chain - vintage
7. Flask (decorative only) - Urban Outfitters
8. Hand Carved Matryoshka - gift from the Maldives
9. Picture Frame - Urban Outfitters
10. Necklace - Urban Outfitters
11. Long Sleeve Thermal - Nordstrom
12. Boy shorts - Urban Outfitters

This laptop case was a Christmas present from my mom, I absolutely love it. 

This necklace opens up like a little locket. 

These measuring cups are from Fred Flare. 

This carafe was a gift from Fred Flare. 

Close up of the shirt and flask.

Love all of the different prints.

Up close.

What kind of things do you collect??

20 March 2012

First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring! 

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Here are a few things in the shop right now...

Victory Pink Ribbon Bookmark

Jane Ring

Ariel Ring

Ariana Necklace

Heart Ring

Millie Necklace

06 March 2012

Cobalt Blue.

While at Target tonight, I got a little side tracked and ended up bringing home these amazing cobalt blue heels. For only $30 they were a steal compared to similar ones I see online all the time. I can't wait to wear them with a vibrant spring dress when the weather decides to stay a little warmer. I also think they will be perfect for Vegas when I go in May. I couldn't find any stock images online for some reason, so here are some from my iPhone.

Brand: Mossimo
Style: Petene
Color: Cobalt

01 March 2012

DIY Tissue Pom Pom Flower Tutorial

So I have been meaning to try to make some pom pom flowers, you know the ones you see all over Pinterest? Tonight I finally sat down and actually made some. And what do you know, they are SO EASY to make! I ended up making 8 in about 30 minutes. 


Estimated Time Per Pom Pom: 3-5 minutes

Supplies Needed: Scissors, Tissue Paper and Floral Wire

1. Choose your color(s) of tissue paper. If you want your pom pom bigger, you will use more tissue paper. For this tutorial I used two pieces of tissue paper. Fold the tissue paper in half (the tissue paper I used is 13" x 19.5" when folded.)

2. Begin folding the tissue paper accordion style in 1.5" sections.

3. Take a piece of 18" floral wire and fold in half. Then place accordion style tissue paper in between the floral wire and twist the floral wire so it is secure, but don't twist it too tight. 

4. Use scissors to cut either rounded or pointed edges (I cut rounded because I like the finished look better than the pointed ones I have seen online.)

5. Separate layers individually, starting with the tissues on one side of the floral wire at a time. Separate the inner most layer first by bringing it to the center, then the next layer and so on, (if you used two pieces of tissue paper you should have four layers on each side of the floral wire.) Then separate the other side. Don't worry if you tear the tissue paper a little bit, there is so much going on that you won't be able to notice any little imperfections.

6. Decide how you want to decorate! I will be using this pom pom and the others I made tonight at a friends Baby Shower in April. I haven't decided if I am going to hang them with ribbons from the ceiling or make a garland of pom pom flowers. I have added some cool ways to decorate with your pom pom flowers at the bottom of this post. 

Floral wire from Michael's. $3

Two pieces of tissue paper, folded in half. 

Fold 1.5 inch sections accordion style.

Finished accordion fold.

Take an 18 inch piece of floral wire and fold in half over tissue paper.

Twist floral wire at center of tissue paper. 

Using scissors, cut rounded or pointed ends.

Rounded ends cut on both sides.

Begin to pull the layers apart, towards the center.

One side complete.

Side view.

All done!

Finished product.

Tissue pom pom flower. 
So what do you think? The more you make, the easier they become. I am really happy with the outcome, I will definitely be making more soon. They are a cheap (I've seen kits in stores for $8 to $12!) and easy decoration to make for parties, showers and events.

Here are some examples of how to decorate with your pom poms. 
(All below pictures are from Pinterest.)

Pom Pom Mobile.
(Photo Credit)

(Photo Credit)

This is adorable, pom pom cupcake toppers.
I will have to try this out.

(Photo Credit)

Pom Pom Garland.
(Photo Credit)

I love the different patterned tissue paper.

(Photo Credit)

Pretty table setting. 
(Photo Credit)
If you try to make these tissue pom poms let me know what you made them for in the comments section. Link to a picture if you can!