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28 March 2010

Charleston is Beautiful

If it didn't get so hot in the summer I would love to move there. There are so many things to do and so many cool places to go. And the food is AMAZING. I recommend a little hole in the wall called Dixie Supply they have the absolute most delicious breakfasts!

Here are some pictures from Folly Beach. 


not too bad after our LONG drive down.


Now onto downtown Charleston and the Noisy Oyster

standard model shot on the stairs :)



love birds

cool kids

The battery is awesome, if you go to Charleston, take a stroll down there, you may even see some dolphins.

or this absolutely gorgeous house that I want to live in...

I love the ivy on the bottom

And you must visit Baked. They have locations in Brooklyn, NY and Charleston and everything they make is to die for-Emma's favorite

Here are some pictures Mark is especially proud of from Baked:

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Lydia said...

Great shots. You're so pretty, as well as the sistas:)

I especially like the under the wooden bridge shot.