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20 September 2012

Brainfood Grill-Off

Last Thursday Mark and his company competed in an Iron Chef like challenge called the Brainfood Grill-Off, benefitting Brainfood, a youth development organization in DC. A group of us went downtown to support Mark and the cause. 

The event was held outdoors under some tents and it was a gorgeous night. Once we checked in we hit the buffet (which had mini sprinkles cupcakes - YUM) and the bar. Then we visited all of the different teams and tried out their dishes. Obviously my favorite was Mark's teams dish; steak over corn salsa and shitake mushrooms with a delicious thyme/butter sauce. Seriously, it was TDF, I may have had three servings...

Anyway, Mark's team somehow didn't win, but it was a fun night overall, here are some pictures (sorry for the red eye, I only had my iPhone handy).

hard at work
Mark and I

"Hi, I'm Phil"
Cousins just moved here from Cali


Not often is she taller than me 

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