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07 January 2012

Jewelmint Wondermint Mystery Bag Review

So I shop on Jewelmint frequently. They have a great selection of different pieces every month. And their free shipping and plethora of coupon codes keeps my bank account happy. 

Right after Christmas Jewelmint was offering their Wondermint mystery bag deal. You get a few pieces of Jewelmint and maybe something from Shoemint or Beautymint. I was apprehensive at first, what if I got a piece I absolutely hated? Well using one of my Facebook coupon codes I ordered a mystery bag. I got it today, and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! I got three Jewelmint pieces all in their signature black velveteen pouches. 

First I opened up the Victorian Charmer set. I was literally celebrating when I opened this one. I had been wanting it for a while. It is a set of two necklaces, one is a 24" brass rope chain with a little pendant that looks like a mini perfume bottle on it. The other is a 30" gold-plated rope chain with a monocle or magnifying glass charm on it. Super cute. You can wear them together or separately, or you can layer them with other necklaces. 

The next bag had the Thunderbird earrings. When I first saw these in my showroom I wasn't too impressed with them. They are stud back dangles and actually really cute in person. They are very light and dainty, with coral beads with feather detailing and I actually really like them. 

The last bag was the Vanguard necklace. Another one I wasn't too fond of in my showroom. This necklace is actually very different from any I have and it's growing on me. It isn't as chunky as I thought it would be, it's very light weight as has a magnetic closure, which is pretty neat. I think it would look great with a plain t-shirt and jeans.

I liked that two of the three pieces I got weren't what I was expecting, because otherwise I wouldn't have ever ordered them! Jewelmint is funny, some things look exactly like they do online once you get them, but other things looks completely different, at least I think so. Overall, this was a good experience, and I would definitely order a Wondermint mystery bag again in the future, it's fun not knowing what you are going to get and try something new!

Have you ordered anything from Jewelmint? Have you gotten a Wondermint mystery bag? What is your favorite piece??

P.S. I will post pictures of my new goodies tomorrow!

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