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04 November 2010

Harry Potter

Update: I finished all seven books. It was great to re-read all of them in a row, it is so much easier to put things together and you understand more of what is going on.

We obviously went to the midnight showing and it was AMAZING. By far my favorite one of the movies since Prisoner of Azkaban. Since I did just read the seventh book I was a little critical of certain parts of the movie, but I understand that the director has to change a few things here and there to make the over movie a great experience. Now I just have to wait until July for the final chapter of the series!

So I am a bit Harry Potter obsessed. I am currently re-reading all seven books in a row in anticipation of the seventh movie coming out November 19th. (ahhh so soon!) I just started re-reading book six, The Half Blood Prince. I love reading these books over and over because there is always something that you pick up on, that you may not have noticed the first time around.

I. am. so. excited. to. see. this. movie.

I am going with a big group of friends to see this and for the last movie, one of us dressed up.

And then decide to duel.

I wonder who Sarah will dress up as for this movie?

p.s. we are nerds.

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WOW~ in a row?!