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17 August 2012

Brother is a Smarty Pants.

This past Saturday I took my little brother to tour Georgetown University. Being number one in his class with a ridiculous GPA well over a 4.0 and taking all AP classes along with indoor track and the Tennis Teams MVP (3 years in a row) and County Champ (2 years in a row)this boy has toured almost all of the Ivy's (#humblebrag). His top two picks at the moment are Yale and Columbia. Obviously I am super proud and super jealous of his smarty pants-ness.

After taking 4 forms of transportation to get there we arrived at Georgetown. I love the town of Georgetown, great shopping and places to eat, right on the water and close to DC. And then you get to campus and it is beautiful. The architecture is old and just amazing.

We started out at an information session then a student run tour. We learned lots of fun facts about the University. For example, did you know the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast was based on the one in Healy Hall? And apparently the Harry Potter producers wanted to base Hogwarts on the architecture at the school, but they said no because they don't believe in witchcraft (how do you say no to Harry Potter? I just don't get it!)

All in all it was a fun day. We met up with my future sister in law for a delicious lunch at Serendipity 3 and then did some shopping at Urban Outfitters before we headed back. Serge ended up liking Georgetown a lot, it is now at about #4 on his college list. I'm excited to see where he gets in and where he decides to go. Next up, just finishing Senior year!

White Gravenor Building

It's tall

It does remind me a little of Hogwarts...

Healy Hall Entrance

Walking back downtown and saw this mural on the side of a house. LOVE.

Instagram worthy street art

Burger and fries (duh) from Serendipity 3


Nice Serge

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