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16 August 2012

Apparently I Can't Stop Buying Shoes...

So I have been on a show buying spree recently. I mean a girl can't have too many pairs of shoes right?? So we have a variety here, first up these gorgeous calf hair printed loafers from Gap. I saw them in a post on Matchbook's Daily Spark and I fell in love. Bought them right then and there. I think they are going to be PERFECT for fall. They are going to be amazing when I need to dress up an outfit or add a fun print.

So my running shoes are pretty beat. I have had them for about a year and I am wayyy overdue on getting a new pair. So I lucked out and got these bad boys for only $60 at Sports Authority over the weekend. Can't wait to break them in!

So I went shopping with my mom about a month ago and I wasn't going to buy anything for myself, but then I saw these wedge booties for $7 each! They reminded me so much of the Shoemint Jolly's that I had wanted for forever, but let's be serious, I am not spending $80 on them. And I found them at the most random store...Lane Bryant...seriously. Welp, they will be in rotation in fall and winter when I don't want to wear tall boots.

And then there is Target and Nordstrom. Probably my two favorite stores. From Nordstrom I picked up a pair of plain black Tom's, because I am obsessed, and a pair of Rainbows, because apparently I am crazy for not owning these before now. From Target I satisfied my recent need for all things leopard print with these sandals that I have gotten a lot of use out lately. 

I think I need to take a little break from buying shoes, right??

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