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18 August 2012

2012 Citi Open

Backtracking a little here. The 2012 Citi Open (formerly Legg Mason Tennis Classic) is an annual tournament here in DC held the last week in july/first week in August. And I have gone to it as long as I can remember. I am still getting used to calling it the Citi Open though, definitely partial to LM! It isn't summer unless you go to at least one day of matches. 

This year, as it has the past five years, vacation with Mark's family is during tournament week. But yet again, we lucked out with tickets to the finals! We ate a delicious (but clearly overpriced) lunch in the Courtside Cafe, walked around, got some sweet freebies, and then watched the final match, Dolgopolov v. Haas. But in typical LM fashion, it rained. Oh, why does it always rain?? At least it wasn't scorching hot like it usually is, but let me tell you, Haas is not too bad to look at.

Love this gentleman's threads

Rain delay

Listening to the doubles match on his nifty new headset

Model material

Hi from the Courtside Cafe

With Mark

I don't think Tommy Haas was wearing underwear...

This man loves parks

Me and Scott during the rain delay.

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